Son of God from Everlasting

By David Zwicker

Son of God from everlasting

Stepped into this world of woe

To fulfill eternal counsels

On the cross - where He must go.

In His birth - He met rejection,

At the Inn, where others stayed,

So, they found a nearby manger,

Where this holy Child they laid.

JOY of Heaven, serving others,

Came to do His Father’s will,

Teaching, helping, healing, saving,

Holy Scriptures to fulfill.

Crucify Him! Crucify Him!

Was the Jewish nation’s cry!

Hatred for His love they rendered,

Pilate sent Him off to die.

Lifted up was Christ, - rejected!

Nailed to the accursed’ tree,

As a substitute - He suffered,

For the likes of you and me.

There His spotless soul was offered,

For the sin of Adam’s Race,

While He suffered in the darkness,

God did turn His holy face.

Deepest sorrows – there engulfed Him,

Holy judgment – from above!

Jesus Christ made full atonement,

Proved the measure of His love.

It is finished” – then cried Jesus,

When His work was all complete,

Will you trust Him as your Savior?

Bow in worship at His feet?

He will save you, for He promised,

None who come would be denied!

Full forgiveness! Perfect pardon!

For lost sinners, Jesus died!